About GCN:

Global Credits Network is an entertainment focused membership portal that allows members to acquire credits, which may be used in GCN’s sports picks and online auctions.

Global Credits Network makes several wagers daily based on the recommendations of professional sports handicappers specializing in a variety of sports worldwide. Members can cheer on GCN picks, and may participate in the Game of the Week with their credits if they choose to!

Why GCN:

We want our members to have a fun, entertaining experience while on our platform. Rest easy knowing that GCN is focused on transparency, security, and customer service. These are the three pillars of every successful organization.


We’re always transparent about our picks and results. We don’t win 100% of the time. In fact, we only win about 60% of the time -- which is pretty darn good! This kind of transparency is rare (and refreshing) in this industry.


Our programming and development team work 24-7-365 to make our platform as secure and unhackable as possible. Our data centers are spread throughout several different regions, with strategically timed backups. This ensures that data is never lost, regardless of unforeseen downtime.

Customer Service

We’re immensely proud of our customer service team. With the support of programming and development, our team delivers Herculean customer service. Every support ticket is answered in less than 24 hours. For your convenience, we accept support requests via live chat and online submission.

We dedicate our efforts toward ensuring every member is delighted with Global Credits Network.

How It Works

  • Our professional sports handicappers

    make recommendations based on years of knowledge and insider tips.

  • GCN places wagers

    based on the handicapper’s recommendations.

  • Through the GCN Game

    of the Week, you can use your credits to join in the fun.

  • Credits may be used for any of the Entertainment

    services we offer, including bidding on auction items like gift cards, phones, computers, and exercise equipment.


Our carefully vetted team of professional handicappers work overtime to deliver their recommendations.

Handicappers consider athlete and team health reports, time of year, short weeks, weather, and even insider scoops when making recommendations. The 24 - 7 - 365 nature of international sports allows GCN to wager on the games with the best probability of the outcome we desire.

Regardless of where you’re located in the world, you can log on at any time and to view the GCN sporting event picks we are wagering on.

Sports include: Professional and Collegiate American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer (Futbol), Hockey, Rugby, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and more.

This Week

Latest Games

  • Game Date : 12/08/2019



    Expert Pic : Rams -1/2


  • Game Date : 12/07/2019

    Ohio State


    Expert Pic : Ohio State -13.5


  • Game Date : 12/05/2019



    Expert Pic : Dallas -2


  • Game Date : 12/02/2019



    Expert Pic : Seahawks -1.5


  • Game Date : 11/30/2019

    Florida State


    Expert Pic : Florida State +18.5


  • Game Date : 11/28/2019



    Expert Pic : Saints -6


Live Auctions

Use your acquired credits to place bids for valuable merchandise on our online Live Auctions.

Bid on computers, smart phones, gift cards, gaming consoles, electronic accessories and more.

Join in on the thrill of winning luxury items for pennies on the dollar! Didn’t win this time? Surely there’s another hot item coming up soon!

Max Price:

Last 4 Ended Auctions

iRobot Roomba

Winner :


Auction Price: $3.00

Max Price: $40.00

iPhone 11 pro max

Winner :


Auction Price: $14.44

Max Price: $100.00

SMONET 16 Channel Se

Winner :


Auction Price: $0.47

Max Price: $30.00

GooGle home Hub Smar

Winner :


Auction Price: $4.14

Max Price: $10.00


There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re part of a worldwide community, cheering for the same team to win.
Imagine the chills running down your spine as your team scores another goal, covering the spread! When a boxer K.O.’s his opponent in the third round! Every inch gained, every swoosh in the hoop... every credit won or lost… your fellow GCN members are all in with you!

Thrill seekers love the competition that comes with using their winnings in GCN’s exclusive online auctions. Members have won Xboxes for as little as $8.00. An Electric Treadmill for .05 (yes, 5 cents!), a PlayStation 1 TB Console for $8.00, a $1500 Amazon gift card for just $1.32. Imagine the joy these gifts will bring your friends and family. Loved ones will never know that you got these luxury items at a “discount.”

Real Community

Don’t just imagine being part of our community. Live it! Join in on our weekly video conferences to share your experiences and discover how you can reap even more rewards from the Global Credits Network community.

Social Media

Join our Facebook group and follow us on Instagram. Show off your newly won auction items, or create mini-challenges with other members. The possibilities are endless.

Live Events

We host live events in different cities around the world where people can meet our owner, the staff, and learn about our products and services.